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Social Media Marketing

We live in a connected world.

Is your business effectively using social media?

With about 60 million Americans using social media sites at the beginning of 2013, we can bet that social media is here to stay.  If your business isn’t taking advantage of the many lead-generating opportunities that social media marketing offers, you are in danger of being left behind by your competition. Not only are your customers and prospects using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media services, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are increasingly looking to social media when formulating their search algorithms.

Social media is playing an increasingly larger role in how consumers of all types plot out and travel their path to purchase.  In B2C environments, consumers will use social to give and get recommendations from trusted sources. Corporate owned media is still a good way to learn about a product or service, but what are the people we trust saying about it?  Enter social media.

Even in the B2B world, your customers are reaching out to their peers on social channels like LinkedIn to check you or your product out as part of their pre-purchase research.

Social media marketing has become a serious research tool for buyers that are learning about new products and services.


Clearly, it’s time to take part in the conversation and start developing your social media marketing strategy now. By offering the kind of engaging and relevant content that today’s buyers crave, your business benefits from both powerful person-to-person referrals as well as drastically improved search rankings.

The LTR Digital Group works with companies across a wide range of industries, helping them create the kind of comprehensive social media marketing strategies they need to start and participate in direct, lead-generating conversations with their target audiences.

Our tools and skills will quickly get you past the shiny object syndrome that many companies get stuck on and help you begin to quickly see it as a valuable channel to grow brand awareness, engage with your buyer personas and create brand advocates.  When you do social media right, it will be a natural extension of your relationship with customers and can generate leads, create sales sales and grow revenue.