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Paid Acquisition Marketing

Use big data and precision demographic targeting to reach your market in minutes. That’s the power of digital.


Did you ever stop to wonder how gigantic companies like Google and Facebook can be free?  People used Google to do about 5 billion searches a day in 2013, yet nobody every gets a bill for this service?

The answer is, of course, that digital channels like search engines and social media sites provide paid media to businesses and that’s they way it’s going to stay for some time.  These large companies know that their revenue is all ad spend so you can be darn sure that they want to make sure it’s effective for advertisers.

google partnerWhen you work with LTR Digital, you’re working with a Google Partner Agency.  That means that we don’t just buy and manage PPC and CPM campaigns, we work directly with Google to create effective campaigns to get you the results you need.

You can blow through a advertising budget in record time if you’re new to ad buying or never created Google campaigns yourself.  You can avoid that costly mistake by working with us and our Google Partners.


If you’ve been doing some research on ad buys or paid digital media on Google, you may have seen this logo around.  It’s important to look for someone that knows what they’re doing with your money.  Someone that’s Adwords certified has gone through the training and has knowledge to create and manage paid campaigns on Google.  That’s important and that’s why it’s annual training.  So we go one step further.  By being a Partner Agency, we actually work with people at Google to create, review and manage our client’s campaigns.  We go right to the source.  That way we always have the latest information and insights about Google products and up to date tools.  Our relationship is an ongoing relationship and not just annual training.

Paid digital media is a powerful platform on social as well.  In fact, it’s become a bit of specialty of ours and we have no problem pointing to clients that have seen results they’ve never had before or thought they could get.

But here again, you can go through your ad budget in no time if you’ve never done this on social, but the knowledge and techniques we use are advanced and powerful and most marketers are not familiar with them.

Maybe you’re working with someone or evaluating another agency to do paid media on Facebook.  That’s great, but ask them if they’re familiar or use Facebook Power Editor or if they’re familiar with the Facebook Exchange or Partner demographic targeting.  If they say no or just give you a blank stare while they think about it, you may really want to reconsider your choice.  This is your advertising budget we’re talking about.

The tools and techniques we can use at LTR Digital keeps us well ahead of our competition because we’re always looking ahead and seeking out ways that we can be better and provide better results to our clients.  Things more fast in the digital and social world and changes come on a weekly basis.  You need an agency that does not rest on what worked yesterday.