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KPIs & Analytics

Your Business and Marketing KPIs

“You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure”

Despite what you may have heard, marketing your business is a science, not an art. Like any good science, it requires careful study and analysis. Instead of relying on hunches and whims to bring you marketing success, you need solid, quantifiable sales and marketing analytics.

But this is where LTR Digital separates ourselves from other agencies.  We don’t take you into the weeds with bounce rates, time on site trends, click-thru’s and the grocery list of other terms.  While all of these are important, in and of themselves, they really mean nothing.  In fact, if you’re new to digital and social, it’s very tempting to get deep into your own analytics.  But when you go deep in these micro-analytics you actually lose site of the bigger strategy and it becomes difficult to know if you’re on the desired course or not.  If you’re a business owner, brand manager or marketing manager, you need to be able to quickly see the strategy, understand the purpose and evaluate the progress.  You will also need to come up with adjustments if progress is lacking or is taking your business in the wrong direction.


So how does LTR Digital make this possible?  We work with you to understand that there are several data sets we’re working with.  These are KPIs and analytics.

KPIs are the Key Performance Indicators.  KPIs are the benchmarks of success for your business and its marketing efforts.  Business KPIs set the tone for Marketing KPIs.  Once you establish our business and marketing KPIs (or benchmarks), you will know what analytics are used to track these.

Whether we’re performing a digital marketing audit for you are beginning a more involved digital marketing strategy, we work with you to determine your goals and the KPIs that can be used as the benchmarks for your goals.  We then create the reporting and progress tracking for the analytics that matter most.  No more multi-page SEO reports that go unread.

Once you understand benchmarking using KPIs, the analytics will make much more sense and you won’t waste time looking at data that does not help you evaluate the progress towards your goals.

The LTR Digital Group uses powerful sales and marketing analytics platforms to offer clients across a wide range of industries the tools they need to measure their marketing success metrics.

We love data and analytics, but it’s our goal to keep you out of the weeds and to remain focused on the goals and objectives that matter to your business.