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Buyer Behavior

Buyer Behaviors Have Changed.  Does Your Business Need To Adapt To Survive?

It’s true. Buyer behavior is constantly changing and adapting to digital channels they use to discover, evaluate and purchase goods and services. That means the time has come for companies everywhere to either get on board or get out of the way because there’s no going back to the old way of doing business.


To truly understand this new shift in buyer behavior, you need to take a look at how and why it came about:

In the beginning, before the invention of mass media, buyers everywhere relied on sales people and word of mouth to inform their purchase decisions. Then advertising came along and developed a bunch of tools to help spread sales and marketing messages far and wide.

In the early days of the Internet, marketing professionals adopted and adapted advertising’s interruptive best practices and shotgun-style approach, this is known as Outbound marketing. While this was an outdated way to thinking, in the early days of the “inter-web” it worked and driving traffic became the only thing that mattered. The fact of the matter was, just like with every other mass media invention (print, radio, television) that preceded it, the Internet would soon and permanently change  the way people interact and exchange information.

Now, because the the massive impact of mobile and social media, today’s buyers have access to more knowledge from more sources than ever before. They ask questions, get answers, read reviews, do comparisons and start conversations with people they’ve never met; all on the web, all on their own terms and all on their own time schedule. Look at the buying patterns of your own prospects and clients.

Chances are, they are researching the purchase of your services or merchandise via the Internet long before they ever reach out to you with a phone call, visit, or fill out a form. In fact, recent studies from Google and LinkedIn show that, in some industries, as much as 70% of the buying decision before a sales person is every contacted.  Today’s buyers are looking for informative educational content  followed up by a consultative, guided sales process.

As a result, the traditional outbound advertising and marketing techniques that worked so well over the past century, just don’t perform like they used to. Faced with that reality, businesses have two options: throw increasingly large sums of money at the problem or find a better alternative approach.

By combining inbound marketing methods that drive the right buyer to your content with a remarkable approach that sets your business apart from the competition.   LTR Digital Group’s inbound marketing approach defines your companies buyer personas first, and then develops a strategic approach to your content, content distribution and digital marketing needs.  This will help you avoid the cost of traditional advertising and connect more effectively with the new buyer behavior in order to generate the needed leads for the success of your company.