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Media Credentials

Love it or hate it, the popular media has a lot of influence in everyday life.

mymedia2blueWhen you’re building your professional online profile, having the right credentials can open doors for you and establish you as an expert in your chosen industry or niche.

Whether you’re an author, speaker, consultant, entrepreneur or a professional that just wants to stand out from your competition, gaining media credentials can immediately do just that.  Being able to display your credentials on profile images like those used in social media and blogs can immediately catch someones eye and get you noticed (don’t forget about using this on your business cards as well) and while they may not know you, they sure know those media logos.

When people see that you have media credentials, you give them something they immediately recognize and it gives them a reason to trust you as an expert.  After all, if popular media and news sources can trust you as an expert, why shouldn’t potential clients trust you as well, even if they don’t know why?

But getting media credentials isn’t the easiest thing to do.  It’s a real chicken and egg situation.

  • You can’t claim your media credentials until the media has given you the citations
  • Media and news outlets won’t cite you when you’re an unknown because, well, you’re unknown!

Don’t beat your head against the wall trying to get your first media credentials, we’ve got you covered!

Through our media connections, we can quickly get you your first genuine media citations so you can display recognized media credentials on profile images as you chose, just like you see in my photo above.  We can quickly get you real media citations on

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Fox

Plus, we will provide you links to your citations as your proof as well as edit your favorite photo with the approved media logos. The entire process takes about 7 days to arrange for your media citations to be published.

Here’s the truth about getting media citations.  It takes a lot to stand out in today’s super connected media intense world.  You may be the best in your field or profession, but even with that, it’s unlikely that the media will every cite you as an expert if you don’t already have the connections to make it happen.  But if you had the media connections, you would probably already have the citations.  So few people become the “expert”, but we’ve been able to remove the roadblocks for our clients.

When you’re trying to market yourself, having recognized media credentials can be priceless if you’re trying to stand out.  So how much is our unique service that can give you the priceless benefit of real media credentials?

Here’s What you get

    • Real Media Citations
      • ABC
      • CBS
      • NBC
      • Fox
    • Links to Your Media Citations as Proof of Your Credentials
    • Approved Media Logos Added to Your Favorite Image

You can get our complete media citation and credentials package for $695.

Use the Buy Now button below.

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